Denshin "Ine"..."rice plant"

Hailing from Ippongi Kubohonten and the famous Fukui Prefecture, Denshin “Ine” is brewed with the purest water from Mt. Haku, one of the best locations for brewing sake in all of Japan. "Ine" translates to "rice plant" and this brew is created using the very rare Koshinoshizuki rice type which can be found in all of the Denshin products. Ippongi Kubohonten was founded in 1902, and their famous Denshin brand is brewed differently with seasonality. Denshin directly translates to “heart-to heart,” and the brewing team at Ippongi believed that people have trouble communicating via this method, so they created Denshin to be the “droplets of magic that act as a liaison.” With such rich history and numerous awards and international recognition, I was deeply intrigued in discovering why this Denshin “Ine” sake is considered one of the best labels in the entire world.

Denshin Ine


Following brewery recommendations to drink this sake chilled, I poured myself a glass of the smooth yet moderately thick beverage and was immediately hit with notes of peach and apple along with a suppressed fragrance that resembled steamed rice and cucumbers. This gentle sake has many hidden layers and consuming it at different temperatures brings out a peek-a-boo crispness that finds comfort in your palate. After a few investigative sips, it became apparent that peach was the dominating flavor, but this sake has just enough bitterness to make it viable with any cuisine. Due to its light and refreshing nature, this sake is perfectly enjoyable by itself, however I opted to pair it with Ahi Nigiri and the two complemented each other perfectly. It is important to note that while Ippongi Kubohonten does recommend this beverage be consumed chilled, they also note that drinking it at different temperatures highlights the many competing flavors that call this sake home. What surprised me most about this sake was how fluffy the texture was, and how smooth and easy the beverage went down. Fragrant yet not overwhelming, the Denshin “Ine” Junmai sake is the perfect beverage to enjoy over a relaxing weekend or after a long day at work!

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