Golden Sake

Kuromatsu Hakushika “Gold” Tokubetsu Junmai may very well be the most exotic sakes in the Sake Social store. First, it makes a perfect gift because its presentation with gold flakes floating in the sake, a novel site as well as a symbol of prosperity. Second, this unique Junmai is brewed by the Tatsuuma-Honke Brewing Co. founded in 1662 in the Hyōgo prefecture

It is made with the premium sake rice varietal Yamadanishiki and is classified as a full body sake bursting with fragrant aromas. The Hyōgo prefecture is responsible for producing 30% of Japanese sake and this brew is of the celebratory nature. When you first see the impressive bottle, you immediately connect with its premium nature and exquisite design. Gold flakes in sake? I truly thought I had seen it all.

Yes, the gold flakes are indeed safe to consume! Following brewery recommendations to enjoy this beverage chilled or at room temperature, I poured the brew over three ice cubes and was immediately greeted with subtle notes of banana, cherries, and even a hint of citrus. Additionally, there seemed to be veiled layers of both apricot and dried pears, which really contributed to this sake’s dry and crisp “goodbye.” Due to its smooth flavor, this brew is ideal for either casual sipping, or as a complement to any number of festive menus. I decided to pair the Kuromatsu Hakushika with salmon sashimi, which ended up being the perfect decision. This sake’s drier nature was a great compliment to the taste and flavor of the sashimi, which is paramount when deciding what to pair your beverage with.

Overall, this Kuromatsu Hakushika “Gold” Tokubetsu Junmai was made for celebration. The exquisite nature of the bottle and its gold flakes gives a first impression unlike any other sake on the market. I personally couldn’t think of a better gift or holiday sake; this brew is perfect for both the beginner and veteran sake drinker due to its high quality and smooth finish. Bring it to your next New Year's party, birthday celebration, or bar mitzvah. It is a brew that is made for toasting!

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