Labels with Taste

We’ve all been there—strolling down the store aisles, looking to pick a bottle of liquor based on how cool the label looks.

While we’re partial to any one of our selections, we took the liberty of picking out a few brews that not only taste great, but also have a *pretty cool* label to go with it.

Kanbara "Bride of the Fox" ($38)

This classic bottle with a clean, classic label contains a sake that’s sure to please red wine lovers. With notes of green grapes, minerals, wheat, and steamed rice, this brew is paired best with pasta, soups, cooked fish or your favorite hamburger. This brew is best served chilled.

Mizu No Shirabe "Sound of Water" ($42)

The “Sound of Water” is a perfect brew to bring if you’re headed to a party - and with a colorful label like this, how could you not? The taste is very neutral and balanced with flavors of peaches, grapes and persimmons. Drink this Ginjo sake with sushi, seafood or other clean flavors.

 Hakutsuru Sayuri "Little Lilly" ($31)

The “Little Lilly” is an unfiltered sake with a light, creamy taste and a delicate label. Those who enjoy soft reds or round whites will love this choice, but make sure to shake well and chill before serving. This full-bodied drink comes from the Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Co. and has a very smooth finish.

Kakurei ($74)

This fruity Daiginjo sake is filled with notes of blueberry, strawberry and other floral elements. Beer drinkers who tend to lean toward softer, fruitier ales will enjoy this particular brew. Shellfish, whitefish and fruit plates would pair best with this brew from the Aoki Shuzo brewery. Plus, check out the label with the majestic egret.

 Hakutsuru "Superior" ($31)

Looking for the perfect summer brew with a picturesque label? Look no further than the Hakutsuru “Superior.” This dry sake is incredibly drinkable and pairs well with sushi, shellfish and other lighter summer dishes.

What are some of your other favorite labels from our selection?

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