New brews on Sake Social!

Sake brews of the gods!Ok folks, we just added another 3 awesome brews to our store.


These godly brews sing their own, distinctive tune.


Starting with the stunning Miyosakae Tenmi. Cool bottle. Awesome taste. Great pairing with sushi/sashimi or light appetizers. Yes its a bit on the expensive side, but, isn't the taste of heaven worth it?


Next up is the Ozeki Jyudan Jikomi. This is really where my infatuation with sake began--this bottle makes me swoon. A perfect balance of light/smooth/sweet/all things delicious. Been literally working for 3 years to bring this bottle to our store and we finally got it--wasn't easy, and I doubt you will find it anywhere else...


And the last brew we are adding this month is a Japanese Plum sake named Ippongi Ginkoubai. Have you tried a plum sake yet? It's priced at $39 a bottle, and, paired with a coupon code (have you signed up for our promo newsletter?) we are kicking off at the end of this month to celebrate these 3 new brews, you are out of excuses. So sweet and sooooooo good. Works great with all things Teriyaki, Grilled Fish, or Soba.


We will be adding more flavored infused sake over the coming months to add to our growing list of them because, well, our customers are clamoring for them so stay tuned.


Questions, comments? Ask away, I am listening ;)

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