Sake Social v4.0

So, ummm...we screwed up. We got too cute on v3.0. We created a more visual homepage, with all purchase roads essentially going through a "Help Me Choose" wizard that asked a few questions and then sorted through all our brews and filtered out what we thought you would want to choose from.


We got ALOT of feedback--most not positive.


Here is a summary of some of the issues/complaints we got/how we screwed up:


1. Hard to use and not intuitive

2. Overwhelming..."just take me to the brews"

3. Some answers to the questions dropped people into "no brews"--oops...

4. Limited options

5. If someone didn't find something they wanted, needed to start wizard from scratch

6. Our filter tools frankly, well, sucked in how they worked with the wizard

7. Pictures of Mt Fuji is nice, but, I am not on to see pictures to get a visual tour of Japan. I am here to learn about and maybe buy a bottle of sake...


Ok, so, we heard you loud and clear, and we pushed v4.0...


The biggest change/most important feature is the new filter tool that we built ontop of the Shopify platform--all custom code, and all awesomeness.


We also got back to the brews...nothing cute...just cold, hard, e-commerce love.


And finally, going forward, we are going to focus more on quick start kits and pairings...for instance, a BBQ kit. Just click a button and get 2 bottles perfectly paired with that sizzling: steak, fowl, or fish--stay tuned...


So search and filter away young sake padawans...and should we fail you again, please continue to let us know :)

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