SakeSocial adds more premium Japanese sake to it's inventory

I am *very* excited to announce that we have added a new premium Japanese sake importer, JFC International, growing our total inventory to close to 100 brews.


To see the whole collection, click the following link:


Not to say that all the brews that Beau Timken (our Sake Director) cherry-picked from them are awesome--which they are--but here are some guaranteed future favorites of our customers:


Hakushika Kuromatsu “Gold”


This brew actually has gold flakes swimming around in the brew…



KEN “Sword”


Oh so sweet and smooth...


Ozeki "Osakaya Chobei" "First Boss"


Tastes like honeydew-melon...


Kotsuzumi Rojo Hana Ari “Lovely Flower”


For those of us that REALLY WANT TO REACH...


So, not only are we the largest online retailer of Japanese sake as measured by annual sales, but also by our selection of the finest brews.


I am very proud of the SakeSocial team--we have come a long way from hobbyist website to building a blooming e-commerce niche.




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