Presenting the fourth brew in our Six Sake Sisters series, the Waka No Megumi “Pineapple” hails from the famous Wakayama Prefecture, which is also known as Japan’s fruit kingdom. Brewed at the famous Sekai Itto Sake Brewery, this pineapple-infused sake is bursting with flavor and is the perfect beverage for those looking to expand their taste profile. Made with naturally rich Costa Rican pineapples, this brew serves as the perfect aperitif, a pleasant beverage to indulge in before your meal.

Following Sekai Itto's recommendation to drink this brew over ice or chilled, I poured a glass of the exotic looking vibrantly orange beverage and took my first sip. This sake has a surprisingly smooth texture, and I immediately appreciated the combination of beautifully balanced sweetness with an inkling of that recognizable pineapple sourness. This time around, my taste test subjects happened to be my parents, who were incredibly eager to try the rare liqueur given how much they liked the previous editions of the Six Sake Sisters. “You can pair this sake with literally ANYTHING,” “this is alcoholic?” “I didn’t think a pineapple flavored alcoholic beverage would taste this good.” This pineapple sake is sweet, delicious and perfect for sipping on. Just like the previous members of the “Six Sake Sisters Series,” I decided to mix it with a few splashes of Smirnoff Vodka. Half a glass of the delicious aperitif and three splashes of Smirnoff proved to do the trick, as the vodka very much enhanced the pineapple notes that make this sake so unique. The perfect brew to pair with almost any dessert, we decided to treat ourselves to an amazing caramelicious cheesecake and the way the sweet fruity pineapple brought out the caramel was superb. If you are searching for a sake that is easy to sip on, or the perfect aperitif, look no further than the smooth and elegant Waka No Megumi “Pineapple” sake liqueur.

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