SOTO: Premium Quality

The most recent summer addition to our portfolio are the SOTO Junmai and the SOTO Junmai Daiginjo brews. From the Niigata prefecture, SOTO proves itself to be both an approachable and well appreciated brew. Made with finely polished Gohyakumangoku rice and pristine mountain water, these two brews demonstrate a wonderful example of the purest elements coming together to create a premium quality sake. 

The Junmai has a semibaui of 65% and an alcohol content of 14%. It is bottled in a black, Western style bottle, a style we don't often gravitate to but concede it serves this brand well as it lends itself to a cosmopolitan presentation. The brew is clean and light on the palate with a touch of apple, soft rice, and a taste of umami. In contrast the Junmai Daiginjo -- white label -- has a semibaui of 50% and an alcohol content of 15.5%. This brew is striking in its smooth and crisp composition of hints of apple, cucumber, and melon. There is nothing pretentious about this brand yet it is a confident choice for novice and expert drinkers alike.

A few fun ways to enjoy SOTO...

SOTO Matcha Latte [a personal favorite]

2oz SOTO Sake
2 bar spoons premium matcha powder
6oz cold coconut milk
.5oz honey syrup

Shake matcha, cold coconut milk, and honey syrup and strain into rocks glass with SOTO sake and ice. 

SOTO Apertif 

2oz SOTO Sake
2oz dry rose
.5oz aperol
.5oz grapefruit juice

Build in a wine or a Collins glass with ice and stir. Garnish with grapefruit slice and peel.


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