Summer Brews

The summer months bring endless pool parties, backyard barbecues and friendly gatherings. Feel free to pass on the frozé—we’ve assembled five fantastic brews for you and your guests to sip this summer.

 Summer Brews Kit (3) ($107)

We’ve assembled three of our five fantastic summery brews for you and your guests to sip while relaxing. From the simple yet elegant Hakutsuru "Superior" to the light and floral "Yuki Shibori", this kit is sure to help keep the good times rolling all summer!

Summer Brews Kit (5) ($180)

This kit includes all 3 sakes from our other Summer Brews Kit, plus 2 fantastic additions. This kit brings in the unfiltered and smooth Hakutsuru Sayuri "Little Lilly" as well as the feisty Manotsuru "Four Diamonds". With so many delicious sakes, your hardest decision this summer will be choosing which one to drink first! 

 Hakutsuru "Superior" ($31)

When preparing light summer dishes, we suggest serving this brew that’s incredibly drinkable. Merlot, Pinot Grigio and Crisp Ale beer lovers will gravitate toward this dry sake. A larger glass makes this brew all the more smooth, and the lower alcohol content may appeal to those looking for a lighter sake experience.

Hitorimusume "Only One Daughter" ($43)

This very dry nigori has a milky nose filled with cinnamon and tangerine essences. The first sip tells one that this is a dry brew with a thin " almost like coconut milk straight from the coconut " texture and a Japanese apple-pear finish. It is smooth and round with a subtle cinnamon cookie feeling and refreshing non-sweet personality.Very cool and refreshing, this unfiltered sake is perfect for those hot summer months.


 Ozeki Nigori ($27)

Take a trip to the tropics with the Ozeki Nigori brew. With a flavor similar to coconut milk, the Ozeki Nigori is both rich and sweet. Paired best with desserts and fruits, this can also be enjoyed as a standalone dessert. We recommend serving well-chilled and shaken before pouring.

Hakutsuru Sayuri "Little Lilly" ($31)

A clean and easy nigori, this unfiltered sake has a very light nose filled with cream, cherry blossom and white grape elements. Those partial to a soft red wine will particularly like this. The “Little Lilly” has a certain overall milkiness to it—so, if you like a light and easy brew, check this out!


 Manotsuru "Four Diamonds" ($42)

This feisty brew is perfect for those summer get-togethers, as it pairs extremely well with grilled fish and meats, BBQ & skewers and hamburgers. A full-bodied Gingo, it’s very smooth and gives off a hint of heat at the end of your sip. The best word to describe this particular brew? Feisty.


Sake of the Month Club ($119- $149/month)

Our sake of the month club contains two expertly selected sakes [each a 720ml bottle] delivered straight to your dad’s door. Whether a novice or expert, our Sake of the Month Club has two distinct levels: Emperor or Samurai.

 You can also choose month-to-month options or buy in bunches of three, six, or 12 months - we will take care of the rest!


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