Matsunoi "Wishing Well"

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Matsunoi "Wishing Well"

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Description: The bouquet on this "special" Junmai is an array of pineapple, cream, koji rice, plum and leather elements. Talk about a "different" kind of sake, this brew is one of those sakes that drinks in a unique way. Why? Because it is soft and supple, rich and creamy, and crisp and round! That's a lot in one mouthful, but this brew works on so many levels.  Perhaps, it's the balanance and the little tingle of heat. Look for rich nughet, caramel, and nutty flavors on a rolling fluid that is creamy and soft yet has a touch of crispness that ends in a long tail. A complex sake that would appeal to those looking for a different path.

One word to describe this sake brew: Rich

Food Pairings: Grilled Fish, Light Pasta, Fried or Salty Dishes, Game and Fowl, Grilled and Steamed Veggies, Tofu and Soba, Turkey, Ham and Game, Hamburgers, Sandwiches, Assorted Cheeses

Taste profile: WINE: Complex Nutty Reds/Deep Whites; BEER: Earthy Belgians

Brewery: Furusawa Family
Sake Type: Tokubetsu Junmai
Bottle Size: 720ml
Founded by: Matsunoi Shuzojo in 1895
Prefecture: Niigata
Toji (Master Brewer): Toshi Adachi. Adachi-san has been making sake for over a half century. He has been a toji for three decades.
Ingredients: Ricetype: Takane Nishiki; Water: On-site well water, soft water; Yeast: Kyokai #10; No sulfites, no preservatives.
Seimaibuai (amount of rice left after milling): 55%
Alcohol Content: 15-16%
Sake Meter Value (the lower the sweeter, the higher the drier): +5
Sweet or dry: Dry
Body: Medium to full
Acidity: 1.4
Amino acids: 1.1
Serving temp: Serve chilled, at room temperature, or slightly warm.