Urakasumi "Zen"

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Urakasumi "Zen"

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Description: "Zen" is a giant in flavor and feeling. The nose is an eloquent blend of wood and strawberries. A very elegant forward flavor branches into a smooth ending with a mild aftertaste. A wonderful shimmering roundness plays in this well-built Ginjo that is respected all over Japan. It is lively and dynamic with a subtle hidden fruit factor and a beautiful rich viscosity. This is a connoisseur's Ginjo that speaks!

One word to describe this sake brew: Strawberries 

Food Pairings: Sushi & Sashimi, Grilled Fish, Light Pasta, Shellfish, Grilled Meats, BBQ & Skewers, Fried or Salty Dishes

Taste profile: WINE: Round and soft reds/fat and fruity whites; BEER: Belgian Ales, Stouts and Lagers
Brewery: Saura
Sake Type: Junmai Ginjo
Bottle Size: 720ml
Founded: 1724
Prefecture: Miyagi
Toji (Master Brewer): Hirano
Ingredients: Ricetype: Yamadanishiki; Water: On-site well water; Yeast: Urakasumi Yeast; No sulfites, no preservatives.
Seimaibuai (amount of rice left after milling): 50%
Alcohol Content: 15.50%
Sake Meter Value (the lower the sweeter, the higher the drier): +1
Sweet or dry: Semi-Sweet to Semi-Dry
Body: Medium to Full
Acidity: 1.4
Amino acids: 1.2
Serving temp: Chilled, Slightly Chilled, Room Temperature