Tokugawa Ieyasu

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Tokugawa Ieyasu

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Description: Named after the greatest figure in the history of the Japanese shogunate, Daiginjo Tokugawa Ieyasu is the finest sake with a perfect harmony of sweet aroma and rich deep flavor. Once you open the bottle, you’ll immediately fall in love with Daiginjo Tokugawa Ieyasu. Daiginjo Tokugawa Ieyasu has won the gold medal 9 times at the National New Sake Tasting Appraisal the most prestigious sake tasting competition in Japan.

One word to describe this sake brew: Spicy

Food Pairings:  Grilled meats, carpaccio, vegetables stew
Brewery: Maruishi Jozo
Sake Type: Daiginjo
Bottle Size: 720ml
Prefecture: Chubu, Aichi
Ingredients: Ricetype: Yamadanishiki; Water: On-site well water; No sulfites, no preservatives.
Seimaibuai (amount of rice left after milling): 40%
Alcohol Content: 17%
Sake Meter Value (the lower the sweeter, the higher the drier): +5
Sweet or dry: Dry
Acidity: 1.4
Serving temp: Chilled, Room Temperature