Ginban Banshu "Silver Plate"

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Ginban Banshu "Silver Plate"

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Description: This Junmai Dai Ginjo has a beautiful nose of chrysanthemums, marigolds, mushrooms, and unripe strawberries. “banshu” starts with a semi-thick viscosity filled with strawberry and banana flavors wrapped in shimmering and soft complexion.  This is a very easy drinking sake that is a crowd/party pleaser as grape tones and a soft acidity play make it a very wine-like sake. The dry finish is superb and the light and shimmering journey through the mouth makes for a velvety smoothness and drinkability. This sake tastes like quality! Very good chilled and at room temperature. Also, as an interesting side note, the brewer claims " less likely to cause hangover"...hrmmm

One word to describe this sake brew: Smooth

Food Pairings: Steamed fish, baked seafood, shrimp dumplings, and fried shrimp

Taste profile: WINE: Soft Reds/Dry Chardonnays; BEER: Creamy Ales


Brewery: Ginban Brewery
Sake Type: Junmai Daiginjo
Bottle Size: 720ml
Founded: 1910
Prefecture: Toyama
Ingredients: Ricetype: Yamadanishiki; No sulfites, no preservatives.
Seimaibuai (amount of rice left after milling): 50%
Alcohol Content: 15-16%
Sake Meter Value (the lower the sweeter, the higher the drier): +5
Sweet or dry: Dry
Body: Light
Acidity: 1.2
Serving temp: Chilled, Room Temperature