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Essential for a Vietnamese coffee Martini!

Delicious and necessary for the perfect Vietnamese coffee Martini. I don't taste the "peanut butter finish" that I had read about. Yet, perfect when shaken over ice with Ketel one, coffee, coffee liquor and Beni Otome Sesame! Thank you!

Miyazaki Kinmiya
A favorite

My favorite for a mixer with oolong and lemon drink

Completely Satisfied

My order was delivered as promised in a timely fashion. I appreciated the notification of the delivery dates and was very pleased with the Sake selections.

Really fun program

Fun tasting new things. Customer service is really good. I have been able to try a dozen bottles I've never been able to find locally. My wife enjoys it too!

DISCONTINUED Waka No Megumi "Pineapple"
Sharon Alper
Omg the best

So delicious on its own or as add on to a cocktail.

Gave it as a guft

I gave the sake away as a gift. My friend loved the Daitengu, but lived the same more.

Intensely Smooth and Flavorful

I'm drinking this sake right now and had to stop just to write a review. It is without a doubt in my top 3 sakes at the moment. So lush and smooth in the mouth with a perfectly clean finish! Not too dry, not too sweet. Just perfect...

Your body will love you!

Without any doubt this is an exceptional drink without that sweet unhealthy stuff that is, unfortunately added into all other drinks, sad but it’s the truth! This drink is a 5 star no doubt about it! Buy and do enjoy, in moderation of course!


This was so nice. We felt like we where drinking an orange with a bit of sweetness.

Katafune Junmai Nigori
Pavel Cheremisin
Katafune jumnai nigori sake

Excellent. Very smooth taste. I love ❤️ it.

Just Like Drinking From a Masu Box

This sake is a delightfully mellow drink with cedar on the nose and tongue. If you've never tried drinking sake from a masu box, you can try this and see if you'd like it. If you like this sake, then start using Masu boxes!


Good packaging, amazing Sake, good price.

Sake of the Month Club
Garrick Chang
Best Sake Delivery

Sake of the month Club is fast and dependable. The only problem is the delivery. UPS really sucks. Wish they get another carrier.

Koshino Tsuru Green

Miyosakae Tenmi
Ryan Forman

One of our favorites.

Sake of the Month Club
Elliot Hutchins

Sake of the Month Club

DISCONTINUED Kurosawa Nigori
love this sake

my absolute favorite. Sweet and smooth w deep umami overtones. But might be smarter to buy 3 300ml bottles for $30. seems a pricing anomaly..

love this sake

First had this at my favorite sushi restaurant in La Jolla CA. Of course w mark up was $19 (300ml but still seemed a relative bargain for the quality. It is sweet but not too sweet. Smooth and not bitter. Actualy very delicious. So even tough it is on the less expensive end it was my go-to sake. Made me a Nigori lover!

Waka No Megumi "Lemon"
George T Fitzpatrick

Very good


A long time I stared to drink and love hakushika

DISCONTINUED Ozeki Jyudan Jikomi
Memorable Ozeki Jyudan Jikomi

The flavor was delightful. Fruity but not too sweet. Just right for a hot summer day.

Sale supreme.

Smooth with layers of complexity.

Hannah tou

Fast delivery, everything was well packed. Will order again! The sake itself is lovely! I think I cleaned out their supply!

Please don't discontinue

Love a dry sake. Not as earthy as I like, but those sakes seem not to sell well. I enjoyed sipping while making okinomoyaki.