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Aka Oni
Love this Shochu

Spent some time in Kyushu a couple years ago for work and fell in love with shochu.
This shochu is very much representative of what you'll find around the Miyazaki area.
Very pleased that I am able to get it here in the States.

gold in a bottle

love the specks of gold for the holidays!

Kaori Tsuru
Emily Depew

I gifted this to my brother in-law for Christmas, and it was an absolute hit. "I didn't know this is what I wanted, but this is it!" Loved it, would definitely purchase again.

Hakutsuru Junmai
Gabriel Simoneaux

Smoooooothist finish on a sake I’ve ever had!

Sake of the Month Club


Was a gift. They love it

Kurosawa Nigori
jason harvey

Kurosawa Nigori

Molt bo

Molt bo menjant. El prefereixo fred, molt fred.

Black Imayo Ex Dry

I'm drinking it now and I love it 🤳🌠


Incredibly smooth and refreshing. Amazing served iced cold. A new favorite!

SŌTŌ Junmai
Ignacio Camacho

SŌTŌ Junmai

Waka No Megumi Yuzu "Citron"
Christopher Henderson

Waka No Megumi Yuzu "Citron"

Waka No Megumi "Sudachi"
Christopher Henderson

Waka No Megumi "Sudachi"

Waka No Megumi "Mandarin"
Christopher Henderson

Waka No Megumi "Mandarin"

Masu Wood Sake Set
Robert Jackson

Masu Wood Sake Set

Waka No Megumi "Mango & Plums"

Hakutsuru Junmai
Matt Griggs

Hakutsuru Junmai

Aka Oni
Carl Knecht

Still unopened

Beni Otome Sesame
Sean Gough
Sesame Shochu

very smooth and easy to drink.

Kurosawa Nigori
Lilian Barber
Best Sake ever!

Sake has been my favorite alcoholic beverage for many years and I always thought that Sake is Sake ---until a Japanese friend of mine sent me a bottle of Kurosawa Nigori. It took just one sip of its smooth and delicate flavor to convince me that I had been very wrong about that. I now consider Nigori compared to just any other Sake to be like comparing filet mignon to hamburger.

Sake is sake.

While stationed at NAF Atsugi, JA: (THANK you... USN) I consumed with JOY MUCH sake; the VERY best provided by our hosts, the JMSDF at the annual Cherry Blossom Festival: VERY high grade, still in the barrel from the brewer, to be quaffed over the provided freshly cut pine cups).

Having tasted the best AND the worst (from vending machines in ANY train station) I can say with some authority that except for the very cheapest, that sake is sake. (My go to in JA was "Suwanatsuru" (sp?) of which I always had a 1.8 or two on hand in my "uchi." )

FINALLY (to the point) "Miso no Shirabe" is assuredly above average, but there are several brands of sake produced in CA (my new go to is "Sho Chiku Bai" that VERY much approach the quality of good sake of Japanese origin.

The rice may be milled to but 80% vice 40%, but the uneducated palate will likely not be able to tell the difference. ELK (USNA '68)

I’m saving them for when my friends from the north come.

Ozeki Osakaya Chobei "First Boss"


Tastes like plain old sake to me. But then I don’t have a very sophisticated palate.


This is my favorite brew! It's a great cold sake, goes down easy, very crisp, tastes like citrus. This is definitely a great brew you can share with non-sake drinkers. 5 stars!