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Casual Review

Very nice at a slightly cooler room temp as suggested, Loosely reminded me of a whiskey but less aggressive

Great to get Sake BUT

Thanks for the Sakes. As a Sake novice, I would have liked to get some more details about the bottles being sent and tasting notes too. An introduction to Sake cheat sheet to describe the various levels etc - and how each bottle relates to these levels. Thanks

High quality

I sent this to one of my sons living in New York. He says this is very good quality Sake, and likes it very much.

Hav tried it yet.

Imayo Tsukasa Hito To Ki To Hitotoki Junmai

Excellent Sake

Dry Wave has become my "go to sake".
It is not for cooking, it is for sipping, especially while cooking or simply sitting alone.
I had a stroke recently and because I live alone I obviously spend most of my time alone and creature comforts are very important to me. That is one of the reasons I started drinking and collecting sake.
I have never purchased anything bad from Sake Social and "Dry Wave" is beyond description, I recommend to everyone.

My absolute favorite sake....crisp and clean....bright green apple...great with everything!

lovely junmai

beautiful junmai sake that offers soft apple flavors

Excellent Sake

I think "Dry Wave" will become one of my "go to" sakes. It is crisp, clean, has multiple taste patterns, is easily paired with many foods. I prefer it cold but it does well warm. It is an excellent choice.

Sweet Potato Sake

I have not tried it yet. I would like it to age a bit longer and then try it.

Ozeki Nigori
Timothy B.
This sake is delicious. we

This sake is delicious. we want to order more in time.

Good sake

The sake is good, and seldom seen makers.
Would like more info with the package about the included bottles.


We got a bottle each of this one and the Nigori. I prefer Nigori, but my wife and her bestie like Junmai. Honestly none of us could pick between the two, they were both extremely smooth and just sweet enough. Super enjoyable; would definitely buy again.


I prefer Nigori, so I was excited to try this one. We got a bottle each of this and the Junmai and we all loved them both. This Nigori was quite pleasant and smooth; would definitely buy again.

Even better than it sounds

I brought a bottle of this to a game night for a group tasting and everyone was afraid of shochu from past experiences. This one really surprised the group; super tasty to start and has a really fun aftertaste at the end.

Japanese Rosé?

My wife got a bottle of this for a girls' night and absolutely loved it. They said it tasted like a rosé to them; sweet, but not too sweet. I had a sip and found it tame and enjoyable.

Great bday gift

Got a bottle of this for a friend's birthday. She loved it, as did her husband who prefers dry saké like this. Rave reviews all around the table. Kanpai!

Wonderfully smooth Junmai

Like the title said, wonderfully smooth. I'm more of a Nigori person, but several of my Japanophile friends have chosen this saké and have made me a convert. Super smooth and easy to enjoy. There's a reason it's so popular :P

Nice solid Sochu

This is a solid Sochu, we tried this with several variations of highballs. The Okinawa method of using coffee -- we added it in an iceball glass with a splash of espresso. Very nice

We tried it was just a smidge of a Vanilla extract that we keep around. Good

We tried it with a splash of cola. Pretty good

Lastly, we tried it with a bit of pepper ume plumb wine to give it a kick. Probably my favorite

Lots of fruits and florals in the base that open up a university of potential combinations. Kamado ginger/garlic scallops with a Sochu Ginger highball was the bomb


I deserve some free bottles at least three good service a little bit pricey

Best Christmas gift ever!

I purchased sake and a pair ceramic sake glasses for a Christmas present and recipient was jubilant in receiving the gift.

Sake of the Month Club - Samurai
Joan K.
No instructions Or explanations and

No instructions Or explanations and no cups and beakers. Both would have been nice

Love it

A bit pricey but its well worth it great cold or hot sweet and thick if you got the spare cash layin around for the holidays i definitely recommend

Always Excellent

Always Excellent