Hakutsuru "Superior"

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Hakutsuru "Superior"

Hakutsuru "Superior"


Talk about a gentle and yet elegant sake that is incredibly drinkable. The nose on the brew is a whispered collection of cantaloupe, white grape, sweet rice, raisin, and spring water elements. Clean, smooth with a hint of fruit tones this brew drinks very even with a dry round finish. Look for layers of nuanced flavors such as melon and dried pear all on a gentle flow that feels good in the mouth. A larger glass makes this brew all the more smooth, and the lower alcohol content may appeal to those looking for a lighter sake experience.

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Ozeki Osakaya Chobei "First Boss" - Sake Social
 - 1

Ozeki Osakaya Chobei "First Boss"


This is a terrific value Daiginjo as it gives a drinker the chance to taste a real player in the history of Japanese sake. The nose on Chobei is pure strawberry and candy goodness.  This sake has a relaxed and smooth honeydew melon start with a thin and round finish. The middle-mouth is filled with ripe melon flavors and a sweetness that isn't sweet. Go figure! The viscosity is thin and round and the mouth speed is velvety and quick, and the ending is a waterfall of flavor.

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Mizu No Shirabe "Sound of Water" - Sake Social - 1

Mizu No Shirabe "Sound of Water"


"Sound of Water" has a really superb nose filled with hints of peaches, grapes, and persimmons with an undercurrent of minerals and green grasses.  The first sip spells a very gentle and delicate sake with a smoothness and confidence filled with a melon slickness.  The middle-mouth is chewy and clean and the finish is a nice disappearing act with no aftertaste.  This is a great "bring to a party sake." Not too fruity and not too dry- just very neutral and balanced.

Black Imayo Tsukasa Extra Dry Junmai

Black Imayo Tsukasa Extra Dry Junmai


The somber black label with an English name is the perfect presentation for this ultra-dry brew. In fact, it is 3X drier than a normal Junmai.  Don't let the label fool you. It is full of umami resulting in a distinctive aftertaste and sharpness that is unparalleled in the sake industry. Brewed by the Imayo Tsukasa Shuzo in the Niigata Prefecture is sharp and smooth and easily enjoyed.