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Harushika "Spring Deer"


: When was the last time that you smelled watermelon and caramel in the same scent? You will also catch a hint of sweet rice and rose pedals. Spring Deer is a terrific example of silky Daiginjo that has tons of flavor in a creamy and velvety package. It is almost like drinking...

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Hitorimusume "Only One Daughter"


: The aroma of this Daiginjo is like a basket filled with ripe, dripping fruit including melon, berries, pear and a hint of cotton candy. This Shizuku-style sake is an adventure into the realms of expansive flavor that meets up with an incredible smoothness. A silky soft fluid that touches on...

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KEN "Sword"


: The nose is filled with strawberry, banana, cantaloupe, and watermelon. A clean and bold Daiginjo with a snap that says, “I am a sword.” A perfect example of a sake that becomes “you” each and every sip with hints of minerals, ginger, melon and a dryness that speaks to all....

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Daishichi Minowamon "The Gate"


: This dream sake has a classic nose filled with ripe peach, cantaloupe, and raisins.  The first sip of “the Gate” makes you a believer, as a chewy viscosity moves from start to finish in a velvety and creamy rush. A solid acidity play mingles with ripe and juicy flavors such...

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Hakushika "Goka Sennenju"


: The tremendous nose on this superb Daiginjo is a vast array of watermelon, strawberry, banana, vanilla, and steamed koji (sweet) rice. This sake is simply a flavor rush with an ending of hush! Talk about a juicy and fruity brew that drinks fat and fun. I mean come on!...

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Hakutsuru "Sho-Une"


: How can one describe perfection in a bottle? This stellar Daiginjo has a nose filled with white peach, apples, grapes and pear. If we used a “Sake Social Partner’s Top Recommendation” system this sake would carry that title. A very soft pear tonality pervades this deeply complex sake that drinks...

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Otokoyama "Man's Mountain"


: Talk about an elegant nose filled with sweet rice, white chocolate and juicy pineapple. Welcome to one of the preeminent Dai Ginjos in the history of premium sakes. Otokoyama is a silky walk of plum skin and straw flavors that fills the mouth with a velvety push that ends so quickly that it makes...

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Ozeki Osakaya Chobei "First Boss"


: This is a terrific value Daiginjo as it gives a drinker the chance to taste a real player in the history of Japanese sake. The nose on Chobei is pure strawberry and candy goodness.  This sake has a relaxed and smooth honeydew melon start with a thin and round finish....

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Wakatake Onigoroshi "Demon Slayer"


: This Daiginjo is as solid as they come, with a purring nose of soft ripe fruits and twinge of citrus. From the first pass on the tip of the tongue it is apparent that this brew is built around a perfect blend of fruit tones such as lychee and has a gentle...

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Ginban Banshu "Silver Plate"


: This Junmai Dai Ginjo has a beautiful nose of chrysanthemums, marigolds, mushrooms, and unripe strawberries. “banshu” starts with a semi-thick viscosity filled with strawberry and banana flavors wrapped in shimmering and soft complexion.  This is a very easy drinking sake that is a crowd/party pleaser as grape tones and a...

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