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Kanbara "Bride of the Fox"


: Behold a brilliant nose filled with green grapes, minerals, wheat, and steamed rice. This Ginjo is a Totem Pole of personalities and each flavor has a face. Look high for deep and rich chocolate tones and peer low for a creaminess that screams "empty cup." The richness is the real play with this sake,...

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Shirataki Jozen "Pure Flavor"


: This Ginjo has a nose of soft metal or minerals mixed with persimmons and pomegranates. It has a very nice white chocolate clean beginning with vanilla middle and dried apple finish, all the while twisting in a flavor of snow melt and pears. This sake falls into the very...

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Tsukasabotan Fuin "Maker's Mark"


: The nose on this dry Ginjo is made up of mineral, citrus, sunflower, and straw elements. A very good example of a "base" sake that is not overly fruity, but has layers of very neutral flavors such as minerals, rice, and a hint of fig and crme brulee. Extremely...

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Urakasumi "Zen"


: "Zen" is a giant in flavor and feeling. The nose is an eloquent blend of wood and strawberries. A very elegant forward flavor branches into a smooth ending with a mild aftertaste. A wonderful shimmering roundness plays in this well-built Ginjo that is respected all over Japan. It is...

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Daishichi "Masakura"


: This brewery specializes in Kimoto (pole-rammed) method sakes that typically produce a creamier brew and Masakura is no exception. The nose is filled with cream, pear, pineapple, butterscotch, floral and balsa wood elements. Behold one of “those” kinds of sakes that epitomizes the much desired “balance” moniker. Smooth, round, chewy,...

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Kariho Rokushu "6 Boats"


: A unique collection of aromas from rice and grains to berries and a touch of mint. This is a great example of a semi-fruity sake that drinks dry and compact. Dry, clean and smooth with a touch of crispness - look for hints of cherry, cranberry, cantaloupe and an expression...

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: Cool bottle, but does it drink great! You bet! This sake, made with the very tasty brewing rice called Gohyakumangoku, has a distinctive nose filled with apple, cherry and melon essences. Behold a sake with some strength in flavor and character. Shoin has a strong personality for a Ginjo...

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Tsukinokatsura Yanagi "Willow Tree"


: The nose is a basket filled with strawberries, bananas, citrus fruits and minerals. "Yanagi" is a deeply elegant sake made with outstanding water and perfect brewing rice. It is a very easy to understand Ginjo that borders on beautiful complexity. "Yanagi" is a very light and fruity, filled with...

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: The nose on this crisp Junmai Ginjo is a unique grouping of citrus aromas from lemon to grapefruit with a hint of lemon grass. Those sake drinkers looking for a light, clean and gentle brew that has a quick finish look no further. Yumeakari is a smooth and easy sake...

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Umenishiki Sakehitosuji "Gorgeous Plum"


: This Ginjo is a genshu with a subtle fruity nose mixed with koji rice and vanilla. The flavor in this brew is all forward with a nice round middle and a complete and confident finish. There is no denying the fruit-filled flavors but the clean and crisp acidity blends...

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