Chowhound - Gifts for Dads Who Enjoy Their Booze

Dad’s the guy who puts everyone else first, a silent saint, bending over backwards and for what—the big piece of chicken? This year, in addition to thanking him for all that free heat and hot water you pilfered over the years, find him a perfect liquid gift; something he might never buy for himself but totally deserves. From a bold bottle of booze to a gadget to vault his cocktail game, we did all the legwork. So put that shirt and tie combo back on the shelf and make some liquid magic this Father’s Day. 

Drinkhacker -  Sake Tasting and Mac Pairing with Sake Social

Mac and cheese is such an U.S. staple that it has its own one syllable moniker. Like Cher or Elvis, we also have Mac. I recently went down a sake/shochu/mac rabbit hole and damn, it was delicious. I first spoke with Marc Smookler, the owner/founder of Sake Social, by far the largest online retailer in the U.S. for Japanese sake. He and his business partners have devoted many hundreds of hours to tasting through available imported sake from Japan and choosing the best to offer their customers.  

Old Liquors Magazine - What Sake Should You Drink? Well, What Are You Drinking Now?

Japanese Sake definitely has its place amongst some of the oldest brews and liquors of the world, and is growing increasingly popular in the U.S., despite—or maybe because of—Americans’ general lack of familiarity with the drink. In a country where many consumers mistakenly think of Sake as a “rice wine” (it’s actually much more akin to beer, as Sake is made from grains and not fruit), many bars and restaurants are treating it as a new discovery and not the centuries-old tradition that it is.


3 amazing, neutral brews for those new to the sake adventure

Sake Kit

3 brews that bridge the red wine drinker's experience into the sake world

Red Wine Drinker's Kit


White Wine Drinker's Kit

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