Marc Smookler


Sake Social is my fourth start-up, and my first foray into what I refer to as a "lifestyle business"—suffice it to say, it is a welcome change. While I do not know where my passion for sake will take me, I do know that for once in my life, I am not in a rush to get there.

After graduating from college as a finance "ninja", I entered the legions of investment banking where I toiled away for nearly a quarter of my life in Minnesota and NYC... Thankfully, a couple of my friends awakened my inner desire to create something and, on a whim, I dropped everything and forced myself into becoming a webpreneur.

Most nights, when my fingers finally revolt and refuse to type any more emails, you can usually find me happily engrossed in a PC game, including the most awesome Total War series.

I now reside in Austin, TX with my wife, baby boy, and a Standard Poodle that sniffs longingly at all my sake bottles...

Jason Laskowski


My first encounter with sake was in Las Vegas many years ago during the opening rounds of March Madness. Unfortunately it was Futsushu, and in the form of sake bombs. That experience didn’t entice me into exploring sake until Marc couldn't stop talking to me about his idea....Sake Social.

As we discussed the concept of a community-based e-commerce site, I had my first sip of Junmai Daiginjo. I was immediately hooked and soon thereafter began my self-taught, crash course in all things related to sake.

We have spent many months vetting the technical needs and challenges of bringing sake to the masses, and we are proud to bring you Sake Social!


Marisela Maddox

Cofounder :: COO

Born and raised in Texas, my experience with Japanese culture was limited to Ramen noodles, my little brother's Pokemon trading cards, and pictures of Japan in National Geographic. After graduating with a communications degree and a law degree, I did some soul-searching and found myself wanting something a bit more: fun, creative, different--so I retired my business suits and helped start the Sake Social experience. If only I did my soul-searching prior to all those classes, I wouldn't have to drink so much of the supply! Between tasting every brew that comes our way to fielding questions and finding solutions to customers' biggest challenges [shipping sake abroad on a tight deadline], Sake Social has come to be one of my most exciting adventures.