Aside from our easy-to-use shopping cart, our community forums, Sake Guide, an extensive Learn section, and the Sake of the Month Club, there is another reason to choose Sake Social:  WE SHIP LEGALLY!

What do we mean by "ship legally?"

Sake Social has gone to great lengths to comply with all State and Federal laws regarding the purchase and shipping of alcohol, as set by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. Not all online retailers of alcoholic beverages go through the laborious process of being compliant.  Thus, not only do they risk losing their basic license to sell, they put their customers at risk.

While this process has limited our states that we can presently ship to (we are working hard to add more states), we are creating an ecommerce experience that our customers can trust and depend on.

Specifically, certain states require us to pass off our shipments through a state licensed shipper, also known as a 3Tier system. As you can imagine, this increases our operating costs and shipment times.  However, the added costs and labor enables us to legally ship to the following states: New Jersey, New York, and Michigan--just to name a few...

In addition, our Sake of the Month Club is packaged in environmentally-friendly materials sourced from SFI certified producers with a portion coming from post-consumer recycled products. Our packaging is printed using only bio-degradable soy based inks.

So, not only are we the most “useable” sake shopping cart on the web, we also follow strict moral and ethical guidelines for ourselves, our environment, and our customers.